Wenceslaus Anthony

Wenceslaus Anthony

Wenceslaus Anthony
Wenceslaus has built up expertise in project management, International negotiations, International trading and recruitment over 30 years.

His market intelligence and selection process has enabled him to establish personal relationships with leading suppliers and customers globally.

After migrating to New Zealand in 1999, he established offices in New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. With his management background and international exposure, he combines direction and vision with a sound and efficient management system.

The following companies based in New Zealand and Australia will give an insight of Wenceslaus' business profile after he moved to New Zealand in the year 1999 :

WA MARKETING LTD : (WAML GROUP LTD) is in its thirteenth year of operation, having begun in 1999, as an Import and Export company.

In 2000 - PACT Australia was established and is based at Melbourne. The company philosophy has been to represent products and suppliers who are experts in their field, and this translates into us being experts in our field, through association and knowledge of the products that are represented.

The group has built a strong reputation and is renowned for high levels of service, operating with integrity and honesty, whilst striving for excellence to offer quality products on consistent basis. A strong network of offices has helped the company source the best suppliers and also represent the best of clients. The company's representation of suppliers goes far beyond that of just a paper relationship and this is the same philosophy that is adopted in relationships with customers.

Given the company's core value of integrity, competence and efficiency it commands respect with customers. The group represent well-known companies such as SRF Ltd. (Bharat Ram's Group), Ester Industries Ltd. (Singhania's from India), Thai Industries Ltd. (Thailand), Dingsheng (China), ACME (Sri Lanka), Transmare-Chemie (Singapore) Pte Ltd. and many other reputed companies. Currently the group enjoys 60% market share in Australia for Flexible Ducting Manufacturers and around 65% market share in Packaging segment in Sri Lanka.

In 2001 Wenceslaus was member of New Zealand Ministerial Delegation to India with the Rt. Hon. Paul Swain, Minister of Information Technology. He was also an important member of the Official Delegation of New Zealand Prime Minister Rt. Hon. John Key during his state visit to India in June 2011.

A strong advocate of living and doing business in New Zealand, he aims to foster a synthesis of the wealth of intellectual capital of New Zealand and the financial muscle and market opportunity of India, in the interests of both nations. His focus remains on establishing partnerships and joint ventures between India and New Zealand.

Prior to moving to New Zealand, Wenceslaus was the Deputy Director and Secretary to the Board of Studies for Loyola Institute of Business Administration in the well-known Jesuit Loyola College, Chennai, India. He has also worked in Corporate Organisations such as Godrej and Boyce and Hindustan Computers Limited.

Having previously worked very closely with the Late Mother Teresa, he chairs the Mother Teresa Interfaith Committee established in Auckland in 2010. He is the Chairperson of Conquest Club, working with 11-14 year old boys to build and shape their character for being "Leaders for Tomorrow".

Mr. Anthony is also the Chairperson of Business Advisory Group of International College of Auckland as he is very passionate about Education.

In June 2012, Mr. Anthony was appointed as Director on the board of Bank of Baroda (New Zealand Limited) in recognition of his business acumen, contributions to commercial and industrial ties between New Zealand and India and his potential to oversee the growth of Bank in this country.

Wenceslaus Anthony is the Chair of India New Zealand Business Council - A Prime Organisation recognised by both the Governments of New Zealand and India - and the business committee at large as the leading business organisation in New Zealand aimed at encouraging trade, business and service between the two countries. Following his election to the post (the first to be held by a person of Indian origin), he revitalised the Council, doubled the membership, established chapters in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland and promoted a number of programmes.